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Ray Aichinger, Saxophones, compositions
Sepp Eybl, Ironhammer
Jonas Reingold, Bass

The project "Ironhammer" - in which current events and experiences are realised in an unusual setting at the Eybl Hammer Mill in Ybbsitz (NOE) - was developed on the basis of a working grant provided by the state of NOE during the Covid 19 lockdown.

The internationally renowned jazz saxophonist and composer Raimund "Ray" Aichinger, the Swedish music producer and bassist Jonas Reingold and the blacksmith craftsman Sepp Eybl came together on August 15th & 16th, 2020 to record the 4-part composition "Ironhammer" in highest sound and image quality.

In the union of art and handicraft a new path is taken, which has a special effect in the historical context of the old blacksmith's shop.

The composition consists of four parts:  Roots, Stem, Branches and Crown

Part I: Roots, stands for the first phase in the lockdown, the standstill, the oppressive breathing, the uncertainty, the blazing fire without using it powerfully. (Tenor Saxophone, E-Bass and Lufthammer Sound)

Part II: Stem, symbolises the reorientation, the strengthening of existing structures and the creation of new ones. (Baritone Saxophone, E - Bass and Ironhammer)

Part III: Branches, includes the light at the end of the tunnel, the growth of fresh branches on the existing and strengthened trunk. (Soprano Saxophone, a "Superior Pro, Vintage Style - Neck Curved" instrument provided by the Schagerl Company for this project, electric bass and the historic 500 year old tail hammer)

Part IV: Crown, portrays the artistically created harmony between the elements of blacksmithing - craftsmanship and music. The pulse of music and the pulse of craftsmanship unite in a common rhythm
(Tenor Saxophone, E - Bass, Ambos - Hammer, physically operated as a duo)

The location, the Eybl Hammer Mill - In der Not 49, 3341 Ybbsitz is a forge workshop from the 16th century, which is still in operation. It offers visitors an insight into a time when this craft was still of special importance and the manufactured parts (knives, hoes, locks ...) were exported to Russia and the Orient. The Ybbsiz blacksmith's art was included in the National Register of Intangible Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO COMMISSION in 2010.

Rex Richardson (US) and Ray Aichinger (EU) Quartet

Celebrating The Era of Lee Morgan and Wayne Shorter

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Das renommierte Jazz-Magazin Down Beat vergleicht Rex Richardson mit Freddie Hubbard und Woody Shaw und die klassischen Kritiker bewundern ihn als grandiosen Interpreten der schwierigsten tp-Concerti, so wie Yehudi Menuhin, Andre Previn, Friedrich Gulda, Mel Powell und Roland Batik ist unser Gast ein Wanderer zwischen Jazz und Klassik und wie die Genannten gehört er zu den wenigen die (um ein altes Sprichwort zu gebrauchen) "mit einem Hintern auf zwei Kirtagen tanzen", und das sehr erfolgreich! Seine Konzerte im letzten Jahr waren ein echter "Hammer" und wir hören ihn diesmal mit dem Ray Aichinger Quartet R.A. sax, Matyas Bartha p, Karol Hodas b, Mario Gonzi dm!

Aichinger/Double Bartus/Kleibl Quartet

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The Project was founded in 2018 and besides big success at the Jazzdock Prague in 2019 (CZ) was a concert in June 2018 at the Jazzclub Porgy&Bess in Vienna, see video link here:
The program contains originals of all members of the group and it is very important to mention the young and high talented Son of Pista, Alan (now 19 years old) has brought compositions to the bandstand as well.


The awarded pianist from sweden "Mattias Nilsson" meets one of the most respected saxophone player from Austria "Ray Aichinger". With a perfect mix of melodies from jazz, pop and the movies they add songs from the European Songbook as well as their own originals. The project became a wonderful and inspiring musical friendship in which a mutual respect for the true listening takes place.

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since 2014 Ray Aichinger Christmas in Vienna live at the Club


Vienna Jazz Orchestra


Let`s groove Jazz

2009 Gründnug des Plattform Let`s groove Jazz mit der Organisation wöchentlicher Jam Session - und  Musik - Abende, Zusammenarbeit mit zahlreichen international renommierten und in Wien lebenden Jazz-Musikern!

Let´s groove Jazz ist eine, von Raimund Aichinger, Oliver Kent und Uli Langthaler kuratierte Jazzplattform, die durch die Organisation wöchentlicher Jam Abende und mit hochkarätigen Line-Up`s an die ursprüngliche Idee von Jazz anknüpft: Jazz, Jazz, Jazz, u never know what´s gonna happen. Durch die Auswahl des dargebrachten Repertoires, sowie seiner hochprofessionellen ProtagonistInnen ist LGJ an einem modernen, internationalen Maßstab orientiert. seit 05.01.2011 findet LGJ jeden Mittwoch abend im Jazzcafe ZWE (Flossgasse 4, 1020 Wien; 19.30) statt.

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v.l.: Pista Bartus, Erwin Schmidt, Dusan Novakov, Raimund Aichinger, Christian Havel

                            ©Raimund Aichinger